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Simply by following this step-by-step Home Study Guide you can comfortably speak in front of 20, 200 or 2000 people - even if you can't string three words together without forgetting what you're talking about!

From:      A Former Shrinking-Violet
Subject:  Your New Life Without Fear of Speaking in Public.

Thursday: 10.31am

Dear Potential Speaker

Forgive me for writing to you personally but I feel your pain - more than you could ever know.

You need to stand up and make a speech in public, don't you? And the fear and anxiety that it is causing you is almost paralyzing.

  •         You can't breathe
  •         There's a tightness in your chest that doesn't go away
  •         The knot in your stomach is making you feel ill.

 I know because I've been there - I've had to make a speech in front of a room full of people - and, like you, I hadn't the first clue how to go about it.

But in the next few minutes I'm going to reveal a secret that will let you blast your fear into the middle of the next century.

….and you'll make a brilliant speech!

Not so long ago, my widowed Mum died. She had lived a long and happy life and had loved and cared for me selflessly. I really miss her. One of the things I have had to face is clearing out her home - going through all her possessions, revisiting all the old memories and facing the unwelcome task of having to dispose of a lifetime's collection of books, papers, furniture and knick-knacks.

She owned hundreds of books and, as I love reading, I yearned to spend hours and hours looking through each and every one. Most were novels, some were biographies and a few were 'How To… books. All of them were old.

I kept quite a few of the more interesting ones for reading at my leisure and gave the rest to a local charity. I took a couple of boxfuls home and stored them in my attic, intending to look through them when I had time

Then I forgot all about them.

Until now, that is.  One of those dry, dusty old books concealed words so powerful that by simply listening to what they can teach you, you can be freed from your fear of speaking in public - within a few short hours!

Imagine being the person others 
beat a path to -
just to listen to you speak……..

What I discovered when I finally ventured into the attic to look through those books literally took my breath away!  There, hidden in the pages of an ordinary-looking old book lay secrets so valuable that I honestly felt that I had discovered hidden treasure.

Secrets such as……

  • Techniques that would enable you to stand in front of 100 people and confidently deliver a speech that would hold them spellbound - even if you've never spoken in public before.
  • Seventy year old method that takes just 60 seconds to put into practice that would guarantee ANYONE could speak confidently in public - without nerves!
  • How to speak effectively in public, effortlessly gain charisma and magnetically attract others simply by the force of your personality. (Don't worry, this will automatically appear as you follow the Blueprint).
  • The single mistake almost all public speakers make that guarantees their entire audience stops listening to them in 3 seconds flat.
  • How you can effortlessly command the respect of your friends and colleagues just by mastering a few simple techniques.


Brand new AUDIO TECHNOLOGY enables ANYONE with breath in their body to easily master re-discovered 70 year old technique that guarantees success!


Simply by following this step-by-step Blueprint you'll find that you will…..
  • Never be scared, anxious or fearful of speaking in public.
  • Lose your worries about your voice.
  • Become a First Class speaker - for life.
  • Never be able to make a bad speech.
  • Effortlessly become a good conversationalist.
  • Gain enormous satisfaction from your speaking achievements
  • Feel relaxed in every situation - whether speaking or not.
  • Acquire abundant confidence quickly, easily and permanently.
  • Amaze your friends.
  • Ooze charisma in any social occasion.
  • Confidently be center of attention where ever you go.
  • Supercharge your effectiveness at work.
  • Boost your sales without working any harder.
  • Beat your colleagues to that promotion just by your power of words alone.
  • Skyrocket your income potential.

 ……………and so much more!

Sounds like hard work? Not at all!

 You DON'T have to…………..

  • Study famous speeches
  • Read classical works.
  • Learn to speak 'Posh'.
  • Take elocution lessons.
  • Memorize pages and pages of text.
  • Have a good memory.
  • Know how to write a speech.
  • Do breathing exercises.
  • Have 'natural talent'.
  • Be able to tell jokes.
  • Be an expert in the subjects you speak on.

I'll even show you how you can make a speech in public without anyone realising it -
even you!

And you won't have to sit down and wade through hundreds of pages in a book - all the information you need has been transferred into Brand New Audio recordings that you can download onto your MP3 player or onto your PC.

Now you can listen at any time that suits you - whilst driving, exercising, relaxing……. when ever you want!

You can replay individual sections over and over if you need to, skip to your favourite chapter or re-visit the important techniques to make quite sure you've mastered them.

That's Great Jane, but I can't even make conversation at a party 
so how can I ever address a 
room full of strangers confidently?

That's a question that just about everyone asks and it's a very common problem. You're certainly not alone in feeling that way.

Simply by following the easy lessons set out in the course you will automatically become a great conversationalist - you won't even have to work at achieving this social charisma!  Any worries that you may have about your voice will disappear like magic and you won't be scared or anxious about going into social situations any more - what an amazing bonus and surely worth the price of the course alone!

You see, the reason why this plan is different from all the others is that others set out to teach you to be an orator - someone who can make great speeches that will go down in history and stay in the minds of generations of citizens.

 Sounds like a blueprint for wannabe politicians and I bet you're not one of those!

No, what you really want is to be able to stand up in front of a room full of people, without having been gripped with fear for days, deliver a well-prepared, interesting speech and deliver it fluently and with confidence.

You want to be able to feel the glow of satisfaction and pleasure flood through your entire body at a job really well done.

And you want to sit down to enthusiastic applause from a group of smiling people who have truly enjoyed your words.

You really CAN have all this.

This audio course will help you achieve all this quickly, easily and without having to spend precious time or vast amounts of cash doing so.

Anyone Can be a First Class Speaker 
Even if you've never done it before……

In fact, if you haven't, you are already way ahead of the crowd!    

Most people just stand up and try and make the best presentation they can, learning as they go along. If they are lucky, a colleague or friend might give them a few, well-meaning tips but often these just lead to confusion which adds to the speaker's anxiety.

All this 'faulty learning' has to be un-learned before an average speaker can be turned into a First Class Speaker - for life.

But if you start with the basics of speaking in public and build on each stage as you master them, you will be incapable of making a bad speech. And because you've started at the beginning and worked your way up, you'll have the confidence to know exactly what you are doing, how to do it and why. Result? No fear and panic as the moment of truth approaches!

Your fear and anxiety magically melt away - that's great -  but that's not where it stops. The void left by your vanishing fear has to be filled with something but this time, it will be filled with something that will positively make you glow:


And you know what?

You'll find yourself actually wanting to go out and speak in front of strangers, again and again and again!

You'll Actually ENJOY speaking in public! 

And if that isn’t amazing enough, I can assure you that this isn't some fantastical goal that just might happen - it's a certainty that it will happen and it will happen to you.

Think for a moment. The step-by-step structure of this course makes it a no-brainer to walk through the simple steps that'll guarantee that your fear disappears.

The audio format will make it as easy as it can be for you to assimilate the information in the fastest time possible.

Two, separate techniques take less than a minute - yes, less than 60 seconds - to practice. One banishes your fear, the other turbo-charges your speech making.

A memory technique that takes just 5 minutes to put into practice is included in your package. You'll pay up to $97 elsewhere for this technique alone.

You'll gain powerful feelings as you learn to control audiences just by using simple words and the all-encompassing glow of pleasure and satisfaction you'll achieve will blow you away!

No wonder you'll want to speak in public again and again and again!

But The Good Stuff
   Doesn't End There… 

Picture yourself at a party. Not just any old party though, a really important party - one buzzing with excitement.

All the 'beautiful people' are there, everyone who is Anyone - people others would give their right arm to be seen with.

Where would you be at this Social Event of the year?

Would you be in the middle of the largest group, recounting an anecdote that all are straining to hear? Would you be the one to be bought drinks for all evening as other guests compete to spend a little time in your company?

Or are you normally the person on the fringes of the action, quietly going unnoticed as you haven't anything to say, lacking that certain social charisma that seems to come so effortlessly to the most popular people?
How many of you reading this put yourself in the second category?

Answer: All of you - or you wouldn't be reading this letter!

Now, another question for you:

After taking this course, How many of you reading this will still put yourself in the second category?

Answer: None of you. And why?

Because YOU will be the one
in the center of the crowd.

Whether you realise it or not, learning to become a really good public speaker has one major spin-off benefit:

Social Charisma by the bucketload! 

People will want to seek out your company, you'll have so many social invitations that you'll be able to pick and choose which ones you'll accept and which ones will go in the bin!

'Popularity' will be your middle name and you will be welcomed at any occasion. People will look to you as leader of the pack and hang on your every word.

Your life will be transformed without any conscious effort on your part!

No more anxiety, no more hiding on the fringes of parties, no more trying to get 'in' with the 'in-crowd'.

 Everyone will want to be 'in' with you! 

Still want more?

 How About a Bigger Salary and 
a Dream Job?

Have you ever lost out on promotion to a colleague that isn't as hard-working or as capable as you? That really sucks, doesn't it?

Time and time again less-able applicants walk away with the prizes - that juicy pay rise, big promotion, a more prestigious office - and leave the better-qualified applicant (YOU!) standing on the sidelines.

Have you ever wondered why?

I'll tell you.

They could speak better.

Oh I don't mean that they could speak in a 'posh' accent or that their grammar was better. No, I mean that they put themselves over better - they oozed self-assurance and confidence and could relax in the presence of The Boss.

They were better public speakers - but to an audience of one.

Picture your new, spacious office
that comes with your
well-deserved promotion……. 

Go on, close your eyes and see yourself in your dream job. What car comes with it as a perk? A Jaguar?  A BMW?  A Mercedes?

Sit in your deep, leather, executive chair behind your mahogany desk as your smiling Personal Assistant brings you your freshly-percolated coffee.

And your pension plan that comes with the position…….. well, let's just say that retirement is going to be one long holiday……….

All this is truly within your grasp when you know how speak confidently in public.

So what's holding you back……..?

But Jane, I haven't got a lot of
time to study…

No problem! The one thing you won't be asked to do is boring, time-consuming work and you certainly won't be required study of Great Speeches Made by Great People.  You won't be told to go out and buy books you'll never read, or worse - be sold them after you've signed up.

The whole structure of this course is based around the many years experience of two brothers who ran a successful Public Speaking Academy in America. They successfully trained literally thousands of ordinary people to overcome their Nervous Tension (that's Stress, to you and me…) and to become first class public speakers.

Every little detail of their accumulated knowledge was preserved in a book - the very same book that I discovered hidden in my dusty attic.

They wrote about what works, what doesn't work (and why), effective shortcuts, failures, successes, practical examples each step of the way and included every ounce of their combined knowledge.  Nothing has been left out.

That book has now been taken and 
turned into a State of the Art,
Digital, Audio Recording.


And why audio?

That's easy!  Audio learning has been shown to be one of the easiest and fastest ways of permanently fixing information in your brain, making it the very best and most effective way to learn.

You can study anywhere, anytime!  In fact, you can be learning whilst doing other things - doubling the use of your time. You could say that working through this course takes no time at all as it's 'stolen' time that's also being used to exercise, drive, garden, shop……

And because you are learning whilst listening, you can't be poring over books, can you? So save your hard-earned cash - I don't want you to spend any on books!

So Why Am I So Sure That This Works?
Because it Worked For Me!

Remember how I knew the pain you are feeling? Well, I've been there.

I was unexpectedly called upon to deliver a presentation to visiting executives from Head Office. I had two day's notice that my Head of Department couldn't attend this meeting as scheduled and wanted me to step in. I wasn't given the choice to refuse…….

I panicked! I'd never done this sort of thing before and my mind immediately went blank. I didn't sleep for worrying and the palms of my hands became permanently sweaty.  I can honestly say that it was the worst two days of my entire life…… 

And the presentation? I made a complete mess of the whole thing, humiliating myself, my department and my boss.  Needless to say, I didn't stay in that particular job much longer…..

Then I discovered that wonderful, old book!

I read it, re-read it and then read it again just for good measure. I practiced the 'Minute Technique' until I could do it in my sleep. Quickly, I found myself more relaxed, more confident as I spoke to people - others even started commenting on the change they saw in me.

I wasn't a shrinking violet any more!

The big test came not so long ago. I was actually offered the chance to train other's to speak in public just like me. Imagine!  Me teaching others how to do the very thing I once failed to do so miserably.

Now I can confidently step in at the last moment to address any number of people with full confidence and no nerves at all.  Yes, I do stumble over words sometimes and make mistakes but I have learned how to overcome these errors without problem and carry on without anyone realising that I'd gone wrong.

And nowadays it no longer even occurs to me to be nervous.


Get my 7 Day video eCourse
That Will Walk You Through 
Every Step You Need to Build
Your Own Speech.


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Each part will build into a complete Blueprint for you to follow, no matter what the theme of your speech or how many people will be hanging on your every word.

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Very Soon, You Could be Reaping the Rewards of

Confidence, Poise, Respect, Expertise, Skill…… 

ALL Will Be YOURS if You Follow This
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The Superstar Speaker

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  • No Fear
  • No Anxiety
  • No Nerves
  • No Stress

Your Speechmaking will be:

  • Confident
  • Professional
  • Effortless



Superstar Speaker

Home Study Audio Course.


  •  The 3 fears of Public Speaking and how to banish them forever
  • The Golden Rule of Relaxation
  • The Unique 'Minute Technique'
  • The 7 most common mannerisms and why you should avoid them
  • The 13 types of Speaker and learn to identify which type you are
  • The 9 essential qualities a Speaker MUST possess to succeed
  • The Y*** - W*** - I*** Formula and how to apply it
  • Why doing breathing exercises will cause you to FAIL as a Speaker
  • The Golden M**** a** t**** B***** Rule.
  • Why having a poor memory is a GOOD thing
  • The 'Back Door' technique for building a speech
  • How to build a speech correctly and painlessly
  • The 4 essential sections in a speech
  • The 10 'Wants' that every audience has regardless of subject
And much, much more!  The course contains almost fifty examples of real-life applications of speechmaking techniques so that it is easy to see how to apply what you learn to your own speechmaking.

Each step is broken down into sub-sections so that all you have to do is copy each stage until you have built your own super speech without even realising it!

But just to sweeten the deal even more the first 100 students of Superstar Speaker will also get these FAST ACTION BONUSES...

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Bonus Workbook and Check Sheets

Public Speaking Workbook

This invaluable workbook and check sheets ensure that your speech contains every element that will guarantee a professional result - every single time. You won't have to worry that you've missed a vital part of your presentation or that you've got things in the wrong order. Your speech will flow effortlessly - and you won't have had to work like a Trojan to achieve 
impressive result!

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Self hypnosis isn't an essential requirement for great, fear-free speech making but you will need to relax before your anxieties can be banished forever. This great, Fast Action Bonus of guided, deep relaxation techniques, set to soothing music will aid you as your fears and anxieties float away, leaving you calm, confident and ready to face any challenge.

Fast Action Bonus #3 - Value $29.97

How To Reach Your Goal When You've Nothing Left to Give

Life Law eBook

NOTE: This final bonus carries a warning!

Once you read this 'no holds barred' eBook, you will never be able to live your life in the same way again! Without mincing words, you will discover no fewer than ELEVEN COPING STRATEGIES that will strip away every single excuse you may offer as to why you cannot achieve your goal.

This report is not available anywhere else on the internet, in bookshops, in schools, colleges or places of learning (although it really should be!), the information it contains is that powerful.

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How about if I tell you that I can understand your reluctance to take a chance and trust what I say? After all, you don't know me from Adam, do you?

Well, I feel the same when I'm considering making a purchase so I'll just say this:

I believe so passionately that The Superstar Speaker Home Study Course and three, valuable FREE bonuses is worth every red cent and that you will be blown away with the quality of the information it contains that I am prepared to offer you a RISK FREE guarantee:

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I am so convinced that The Superstar Speaker Home Study Course will transform your life that I am putting my reputation on the line here.

I absolutely INSIST that you don't take

in ordering The Superstar Speaker
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If, for any reason, you find that The Superstar Speaker Home Study Course isn't for you or that it fails to live up to its promise to skyrocket your confident public speaking completely and without anxiety or stress, then I want you to contact me and ask for your money back.

Yes, for a full 60 days, you can download the entire course and put into practice all the hints, tips and techniques it teaches to prove to yourself beyond all doubt that this is what you've been looking for. 

And if that isn't enough for you, The Superstar Speaker Home Study Course has been accepted by Clickbank - the internet's leading digital-product marketplace - as meeting their own rigorous standards. And because of this, Clickbank are happy to back up that guarantee with their very own Refund & Return Policy, so you are doubly protected from any risk!

Where else will you find a
Double-Layered guarantee
like this?

You see, I am so certain that you will experience a REAL surge in your confidence and ability to speak in public long before the trial period is up that I'm not really shouldering any risk at all.

You might wonder why other similar courses don't offer the same, cast-iron Money Back Guarantee….. well, perhaps they don't offer what The Superstar Speaker Home Study Course does - a truly Life-Changing Opportunity and one that I really don't want you to have any excuse to pass up on - I'm that convinced of the far-reaching benefits you'll receive.

So with a truly sparkling future within reach, and an unconditional money back guarantee, you're probably thinking this home study course is going to be really expensive right?

Be prepared for a rather pleasant shock……….

Hiring a voice coach and a personal tutor to train you in the art of Public Speaking would cost thousands and probably wouldn't deliver as comprehensive a course as this one...... In fact their hourly rate alone would probably come as a huge shock to you - it can be up to $300 per session!  You'd need to attend weekly classes for months before you were ready to make your first public speech, do homework and mind-numbingly boring set-reading in between times as well.  And that's assuming that you can even find a coach that is free to start tutoring you right away……

Downloading The Superstar Speaker Home Study Course takes just a few minutes - whatever the time of day or night - and will deliver the results you desire swiftly. Naturally, you can work at your own speed, when and how it suits you. There is no waiting for appointments to come around (or be cancelled…), as soon as you feel ready to move on, you can!

You will have your very own 'Virtual Tutor' on hand 365 days a year, 24 hours a day - what could be better than that?

Spend unlimited amounts of cash and waste months of your precious time, or spend less than the price of a seeing the latest movie with a  bucket of popcorn and a burger afterwards and turn yourself into a first class, fearless public speaker in a matter of days.
You can own the entire Superstar Speaker Home Study Course, with three, valuable fast-action bonuses for just…..$39.00.

Yes, you read that right……just $39.00.

Not exactly a hard decision is it?

Few People Are Called Upon To Speak In Public,
Fewer Are Comfortable Doing So,
And a Small Fraction of Those Actually Do It Well. 

You can take your place amongst those
Elite Speakers

Swiftly, Easily and Confidently.


Close your eyes and see yourself having bucketloads of social charisma ……

 All This…And More…Can Be Yours
When You Order …

The Superstar Speaker Home Study Course!

This is all within reach if you act today,

Remember, this is what you will receive as soon as you order:

Yes!  You'll receive an MP3 Audio Recording to listen to when ever
         and wherever you are.

Yes!  You'll receive the full text version of the audio recording.

Yes!   You'll receive a workbook to accompany the course.

Yes!   You'll receive a set of foolproof cheatsheets.

Yes!   You'll receive a Fast Action Bonus of Guided Relaxation with soothing music.

  You'll receive a highly powerful, life changing eBook that will force you to succeed
         in achieving your goals.

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If you leave this page without signing up to the training program I can confidently predict that your life will be exactly the same this time next year as it is now.

You will still be frozen with fear at the thought of speaking in public, your job will still suck and you will still be on the outer fringe of the social scene. No one will give you a second glance, let alone any respect.

Maybe you're ok with that. Maybe you're not.

Either way I'm pretty sure you'd love to have the confidence and poise to be able to command the attention of a room full of people, hanging on your every word and clamouring to hear your opinion. Click on the order link below and take your first step to Speechmaking Superstardom.

And when you successfully make your first speech?

Well, I'll be there in the audience to witness as they rise to their feet and give you your richly-deserved applause……..

To Your Success!

Jane Thomas

Confident Public Speaker


PS.  Your fear of speaking in public will simply melt away as you follow the Superstar Speaker Home Study Course. No more anxiety, no more worry - just confidence and the satisfaction of a job well done. Oh, and that's in ALL areas of your life, not just speaking in public!

PPS.  My personal, iron-clad, no quibble, 60 day money back guarantee means that there is absolutely no risk to you at all - I take all that risk for you. If, for any reason, The Superstar Speaker Home Study Course isn't for you, just drop me a line and I'll courteously and swiftly refund your money - no questions asked. And if that isn't enough for you, Clickbank back up that guarantee with their own Refund & Return Policy. 

Once your payment has been accepted you will automatically be taken to a download page where you can access each element of your course.  Your PDF text files will be zipped to allow faster download times and you will be given details of how to get a free program to access them. You will also need a reader program such as Adobe Acrobat for the PDF files. Again, you will be given details of how to install a free copy of this software. Audio files are in MP3 format.

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